Our People

portrait of a man, Troy Miller
Troy Miller Senior Architect, Education Planner
Sara Phillips Managing Principal, IDT
smiling woman
Cynthia Poirer Government/Military Design Specialist
portrait of a woman, Jess Polus
Jess Polus Human Resources Manager
Smiling woman
Anne Porter Senior Interior Designer
portrait of man in blue sweater
Barry Power Senior Project Manager / Senior Civil Engineer
Michelle Pribyl Housing Studio Lead She/her/hers
portrait of man in blue jacket with white hair
Todd Rhoades Senior Architect
portrait of man in green shirt
Kyle Roddy Survey Lead
portrait of a man, Brian Santori
Brian Santori Engineering Principal - Energy & Industry
portrait of man in blue shirt
James Schultz Senior Electrical Engineer
Brad Scott VP, Public Works, Structures & Survey He/Him/His
portrait of male, Matt Settergren
Matthew Settergren Civil Engineering Manager – Public Works He/Him/His
Smiling man
Daniel Shaw Civil Engineering Lead - Site Design
Jon Siiter Engineering Principal - Bridges & Structures
Lori Thompson Chief Financial Officer
Ryan Thorson Mechanical/Electrical Leader - Building Design
portrait of man with black jacket and yellow shirt
Paul Vogel Survey Lead
Alan Vorderbruggen Engineering Principal - Energy & Industry
Phil Waugh Managing Principal, IDT He/Him/His
portrait of a man, David Williams
David Williams Senior Mechanical Engineer, Sustainability Specialist
portrait of man in white shirt
Doug Zaun Senior Architect

We value great work and good people


Work that Matters

LHB gives talented professionals in architecture, engineering, and planning a chance to do their best work. We encourage innovation and ambition, and our multifaceted portfolio is deep and diverse–offering staff a chance to explore nearly every aspect of the design profession. From bridges and buildings to highways and pipelines, our projects allow designers to explore, experiment, and excel.


Driven by Curiosity

Finding the right solution to a problem begins with asking the right questions. We value curiosity and ingenuity. We have enough experience in design to know that the best answers are rarely the easy ones. The LHB team is humble, dedicated, creative, and always looking for better answers–fresh ideas and approaches that can serve clients, improve experiences, and maybe even change the world.