exterior of single story office building that showcases commercial architecture design


A Special Space that Tells Your Story

Different spaces deliver different results. Enterprises that care about their workers—from corporations to nonprofits—recognize the value that good design contributes to organizational objectives. Beyond improved productivity and a better bottom line, well-designed spaces deliver results like happier employees, increased retention, and better brainstorming. Thoughtfully designed spaces reinforce brand values with customers and staff alike and they tell your story, with materials, layouts, furnishings, graphics, and more. LHB has helped clients shape a wide range of spaces—from office to retail, warehouse to light manufacturing—that delight employees and dazzle customers. Want to achieve something special with your brand? Look to LHB for a creative solution.


Health, Wellness & Productivity

Rooted in research, our designs for clients’ commercial spaces prioritize such wellness-boosting elements as daylighting, indoor air quality, acoustics, and outdoor views. We evaluate sightlines, wayfinding, and work sequencing in an effort to streamline recurring processes. And we put your dollars into the design elements that will yield the greatest benefit to you.


Fresh Perspectives

We seek to understand your business—and see it differently. What are the key tasks? What technologies are central to your work? How flexible, social, open, attractive, or secure does your space need to be? The LHB team helps clients articulate their wants, needs, and vision for the future, then responds with innovative design solutions that anticipate the future.


Curiosity & Careful Listening

Good design is the product of good communication. LHB begins every project with a series of conversations aimed at understanding your business, culture, dreams, and goals. Then we ask more questions. And then just a few more—listening more intently each time because we’re curious. The result is a design informed by our design knowledge but shaped to meet your unique wants and needs.

Planning & Implementation

We offer pre-development space and facility planning, commercial engineering solutions, and post-occupancy evaluations.


LHB is well-known for its sustainable designs across a wide swath of building types, including commercial.


Our satisfied clients often retain LHB to do additional projects. Collaboration is built into our working relationships.


Like the clients we serve, our business is built on respect for all people—including our employees. In fact, we are employee-owned.

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