Places that Feel Like Home

Housing is among our most essential needs. At LHB, we thrive on designing buildings that both provide shelter and feel like home. Our portfolio spans over 18,000 dwelling units, encompasses a wide range of housing types, and includes new and existing buildings. We listen carefully to our clients in order to understand their goals and the needs of the community. Then we couple that knowledge with our deep experience to provide creative and inspired design solutions.

Our experience includes a broad range of housing types:

  • Affordable Housing 
  • Historic & Adaptive Reuse 
  • Mixed-Use 
  • Market-Rate Housing
  • Renovation  
  • Supportive Housing 
  • Student Housing 
  • Senior Housing 
  • Shelters 
  • Single-Family Homes 

High-Quality Design

We believe that quality housing should be available to everyone, no matter their circumstances. Well-designed housing fosters a sense of well-being, safety, and stability. It creates connections with nature and the community and, at its best, inspires inhabitants with its aesthetic beauty and uplifting environment. Our commitment to high-quality design is backed up by more than 70 awards for housing projects.


Leaders in Sustainability

We understand the impact that buildings have on the health of inhabitants and the planet. In every project, we seek out solutions that prioritize health, increase energy efficiency, and reduce waste. From detailed analysis of mechanical systems to careful selection of healthy finishes, we offer clients design choices that promote human health, well-being, and environmental responsibility.


A Focus on Special Populations

Our commitment to designing housing for all people, no matter their background or circumstances, has led to work on hundreds of projects for underserved populations. We have designed housing for seniors and homeless residents, people with disabilities and special health conditions, people in recovery, and people in crisis. Deep research aids us in creating solutions that help and heal.


Building Lasting Relationships

Many of our partnerships with clients began years or even decades ago. Our open communication and commitment to seeing the work done right and serving our clients’ missions—from pre-design through construction and beyond—has helped us earn the trust of clients again and again.

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