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Landscape Architecture

Design for the Future

We are poised at a moment of tremendous opportunity as new challenges and new solutions emerge more rapidly than ever. Landscape architects have a unique role in these conversations, working where the built environment, our social fabric, and the natural world intersect. Our team is passionate about using our skills, training, and experience to address these complex issues and we believe our work can bring about positive change.


Grounded Design

Our designs begin with context. We imagine solutions that respond to their social and ecological place and are focused on improving the future of both. Explore all the ways our wide variety of projects respond to their place in the world.


Community First

Our design process is driven by conversations that build relationships with the communities we serve. As a result, our solutions represent a shared vision for how landscapes can positively affect future generations. Learn more about our collaborative approach to design and community engagement.


Beyond Sustainability

From equity to climate change, we understand that our projects have an impact. We don’t just want our projects to maintain the status quo, we want them to make our world a better place. See how our work fits in with the bigger picture of regenerative design at LHB.

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Engaging Places

From city-wide park plans to planting a wetland edge, LHB’s Landscape Architecture and Planning Studio collaborates with clients to create vibrant spaces that engage the people who use them. We provide a broad range of services for a wide variety of project types. Our extensive group of clients includes large municipal and governmental entities, developers and private industry, non-profit organizations, and individuals. By working on such diverse projects, we expand the range of possible solutions we bring to each project.

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