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Bridges & Structures

Deep Understanding of Structural Design

Modern bridges and structures are meant to do more than just resist forces of nature. No matter their purpose, they must endure and serve a wide variety of users. They must be safe and reflect the values and aesthetics of the owner or community they serve. Safe bridges and structures must conform to a wide range of design standards, including compliance with city, state, and/or federal regulations. In short, bridge and structural projects are complex and challenging. We know, because LHB has spent more than four decades building a specialty in bridge and structural projects. 


Quality Across the Board

A relentless focus on quality drives our decisions at LHB. How can we deliver a quality product? And how can we offer a quality experience? We know how to streamline and customize the design and inspection processes, and our team serves as a guide for clients so every opportunity is maximized.


Outstanding Bridge Design

Our engineers have looked at thousands of bridges, assessing and inspecting them to deliver condition and rating reports that assist bridge owners with maintenance and project planning. When new bridges are required, our team delivers inspiring designs—and LHB’s full-service approach means we can provide survey, grading, hydraulic, permitting, and environmental impact services as well.


Historic Bridge Preservation Services

LHB’s portfolio includes work on both iconic and historic bridges across the Midwest, including steel truss and stone structures, pedestrian bridges and railroad trestles. Our broad experience in historic bridges allows us to help clients identify funding sources, plan rehabilitation strategies and sidestep pitfalls common in historic projects.


  • New Bridge Design & Rehabilitation 
  • Preliminary and Final Bridge Design for Both New and Rehabilitation/Preservation Projects. 
  • Routine Bridge Safety Inspections 
  • Fracture Critical Bridge Inspections 
  • Bridge Rating & Analysis
  • Condition Studies for Bridges and Structures 
  • Environmental Documentation 
  • Historic Bridge Preservation Design 
  • Construction Administration for Bridges & Approach Roadways 
  • Prequalified by MnDOT for Bridge Design Levels 2-4

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