Brian Santori

VP, Energy & Industry he / him / his

Brian is appreciated by clients for his curiosity. His approachability encourages teams to speak openly, and he asks the kind of questions that get at the root of specific problems. As vice president of LHB’s Energy & Industry group, Brian leads multidisciplinary teams and is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the design process related to projects in pulp and paper, mining and heavy manufacturing, oil and gas, and power and utilities.

Brian joined LHB as an intern in 2006 and has built his career by working closely with clients on challenging projects. He has nearly 20 years’ experience in mechanical engineering, specializing in design of process, power, hazardous liquid, and natural gas transmission piping systems. In recent years, he has also served on LHB’s Tomorrow’s Design team, a group focused on the future impact of the company’s design work.