large utility infrastructure tubes being buried underground

Power & Utility Infrastructure

Hidden Strength

Infrastructure is the often invisible web that allows businesses, cities, and society as a whole to function smoothly. From gas mains to storm sewers, water lines to electrical service, LHB understands how quality infrastructure design improves capacity, reliability, and performance. Our clients include utility owners, power companies, electrical coops/gas coops, municipal governments, and private utility owners.


Meeting Challenges

LHB’s team has decades of experience in working for power companies and utility operators. While every project has unique aspects, we pride ourselves in finding efficient, economical, and even elegant solutions for every problem.


Understanding Utilities

Our portfolio includes dozens of projects that weave together basic utilities: water main, storm sewers, hot water, steam, gas electric, roof drainage, and more. Municipal clients depend on us to deliver quality work that passes inspections, meets budgets, and gets completed on time.

Photo used with permission from Superior Water, Light & Power

Powerful Partnerships

LHB has a proven track record of success when it comes to work for power and gas companies. We’ve designed regional transmission lines and residential hookups, as well as water and wastewater collection, treatment, and distributions systems.

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