Mechanical Engineering

A Wide Range of Capabilities

From building HVAC designs to industrial process piping, LHB offers a broad spectrum of mechanical engineering services. Our talented team assists clients with pre-planning and engineering design studies, as well as commissioning and new designs.


Indoor Air Quality

Among LHB’s specialties is a deep understanding of displacement ventilation. Because this technique uses 100-percent fresh air and dispels all circulated air—rather than remixing—indoor air quality is significantly improved, noise is mitigated, a more comfortable environment is achieved, and installation and operating costs are often reduced.


Fire Protection Engineering

LHB has two registered fire-protection engineers on staff, who address fire-protection needs as requested by clients. Past applications include military, industrial, and architectural projects, including basic services, such as evaluation of fire sprinkler systems, and more specialized options, such as dust-hazard analysis. We have also done fire protection work for pipeline companies and transit agencies.


Addressing Complex Needs

For private industrial or heavy manufacturing projects, we have worked on power systems , HVAC, and piping design. Our engineering studies support plant layouts, equipment selection, and upgrades that improve efficiency and production.

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