A community center done in contemporary design, with a curved roof and glass front, at dusk

Community & Cultural Centers

Places That Enhance Connections

Well-designed spaces have the ability to knit people together. They facilitate learning—about art, language, and culture. They provide space for discussion—about the past, present, and future. And they create communities—as people gather for conversation, collaboration, and even celebration. The visions that drive the design of community and cultural centers are diverse and specific. And the goals of their owners—from cooperatives dedicated to the arts to nonprofits focused on cultural preservation, from county historical societies to environmental conservation groups—are equally varied. They have many stakeholders to satisfy and, often, limited funds. They may need visuals to help with fundraising. Such circumstances are familiar and undaunting to LHB. We’ve worked with dozens of community and cultural groups to help them realize their dreams, both big and small. Together, we can make a space that strengthens and supports your community.


Multifaceted Portfolio

Our projects are diverse in both content and scope. From senior centers to interpretive facilities, our work encompasses a wide array of project types that consider indoor and outdoor usage, short-term and long-term needs. LHB does master planning, concept designs, phasing studies, and more for clients. In every project, we seek to maximize the impact of your vision and budget.


Fundraising Support

Raising dollars for community and cultural centers is no easy task. We help clients sharpen their appeals to donors and supporters by proving capital campaign support: graphics, videos, virtual reality experiences, and other visuals that help people connect with the big picture. We also phase projects, so you can build in stages as you get the dollars.


Unique Design

LHB starts every project with a blank slate. Until we listen, we can’t know what you want, why you want it, and how it can change your community. Our designs for community and cultural centers are uniquely shaped by each client’s needs, values, objectives, and financial resources. We don’t rely on templates; we don’t recycle old ideas. You deserve a design that’s as special as your mission.

Lasting Relationships

Community and cultural projects can take many years to complete. As partners, we are in it for the long haul.

Bonding Know-How

We understand the state bonding process and help clients plan projects that comply with related schedules and funding requirements.

Engaging Everyone

LHB’s engagement process digs deep, engaging members of your community who aren’t always heard.

Personal Involvement

Our team is passionate about communities and culture beyond the workplace. We are involved in the arts, recreation, music, theater, and other activities–even horseback riding.

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