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Mining & Heavy Manufacturing

Smart Fixes for Tough Problems 

Solutions need to be built to last in mining and heavy manufacturing. Whether it’s bringing new tech online or retrofitting old units for fresh use, you want fixes that deliver the right results today and don’t require revisiting again tomorrow or next year. Your processing facilities need to function efficiently, resist corrosion, and meet safety standards; downtime for repairs can’t hold up production. And when it comes to any fix, from emergency repairs to capital improvements, you need an experienced partner who understands the guts of your business, someone who can deliver designs and services that maximize output while minimizing downtime. At LHB, we understand mining and manufacturing clients. We’re the fix you can count on. 


Connected to Specialists

Experience matters, and the LHB team has a deep bench when it comes to past involvement in industry. Many of us have worked in mining and manufacturing—managing facility operations, overseeing technical repairs, staging software upgrades so they don’t slow output. Plus, when you need a specialist, we can draw on our multidisciplinary in-house talent or connect with subcontractors who have met and exceeded quality standards in the past.


Technical Competency

For decades, LHB has been a trusted source for engineering and design needs among mining and heavy manufacturing companies in northern Minnesota. We regularly conduct safety inspections, provide knowledgeable input for projects of all sizes, and advise clients on critical project staging to limit impacts on production.


Comprehensive Process

We can’t provide the right answer until we ask the right questions. At LHB, we start by diving deep into our clients’ needs: What’s the desired deliverable? How quickly do you need a solution? Who is affected? Our process gathers input from all the key stakeholders to coalesce around an answer that not only solves the problem, but provides satisfaction for everyone involved.

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