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Parks, Trails
& Recreation

Creating Natural Connections 

Parks, trails, and outdoor spaces are critical to our wellbeing. They foster community by providing common ground where neighbors can gather and kids can play together. They improve health and relieve stress. They inspire us to care—for our planet and each other. Forward-thinking municipal, county, and state leaders recognize the impact that well-designed parks and recreation spaces can have on their communities, but often desire knowledgeable partners as they assess costs, trends, design challenges, and more. Our clients seek to create parks that serve everyone and wisely invest community resources—and LHB is there to help them navigate choices and weigh decisions that will impact people and the environment for decades to come. 


Planning & Design

From pocket parks to large community parks, our award-winning team has master-planned and conceived parks of all sizes. We consider every aspect of design and implementation, including play areas, ADA improvements, site amenities, lighting, parking lots, and trails, and our presentation skills and public engagement process ensure the designs are aligned with the values of your community.


Parks Architecture

From small restroom facilities to large environmental education centers, the structures we design are focused on park staff and the public they serve. Our portfolio includes building additions and renovations, ICC-rated storm shelters, park maintenance structures, and picnic shelters. Our team of in-house talent and hand-selected subconsultants can handle even the most challenging aspects of park design.


Recreational Infrastructure

LHB’s team understands the infrastructure that makes parks work and keeps them functioning. Where will stormwater from parking lots go? How will electricity be routed to picnic shelters and water lines connect with fountains? We integrate infrastructure considerations into our design—it’s not an afterthought—so the experience and functionality of the park is seamless.

Play is Powerful

Parks give us the opportunity to have fun together. Outdoor recreation forges social connections, dispels stress, and can improve mental health and resilience.

Connection Matters

We are committed to designing places that can enhance human connections to the natural world and deepen respect for the environment. 

Access for All

LHB’s park designs remove barriers. We believe everyone—regardless of age, background, or ability—should be able to enjoy recreational spaces. 

Healthier and Happier

Our work is rooted in research that shows the benefits of greenspace on human health. Facts and studies always shape our advice to clients. 

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