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Transmission and distribution systems are critical for oil and gas companies. So when a pipeline needs repairs or a facility requires an upgrade, you want a design partner who understands the key components of your operations and can respond with agility and speed. The industries and communities you serve depend on your ability to provide reliable service, so improvements have to be implemented with minimal disruptions. Plus, you want durable high-quality solutions that optimize midstream and downstream operations while also meeting rigorous safety standards. Success depends on finding a partner who grasps the details of your project, can respond to tight timelines, and can leverage the right expertise when and where you need it. Our oil and gas clients rely on LHB to deliver all that and more on critical projects, year after year. Wouldn’t you like a partner like that? 

LHB has experience with pipeline projects, as well as gas and liquids facilities design and upgrades, and our team delivers planning, surveying, testing, and design directly to clients or as partners with oil and gas contractors. Our past work includes the following: 


Deep Knowledge

We understand our clients’ business, standards, and even budgeting process. Numerous members of our staff have previously worked for oil and gas operators. Our multidisciplinary team averages 15 years of real-world experience and knows how to support projects from inception to completion. We analyze problems from multiple perspectives to uncover the best design solutions.


Quality Process

We are committed to providing exceptional engineering services from project kickoff to closeout. We don’t just walk away at the end of the design process. We go above and beyond, checking in with clients during construction because we want their infrastructure to operate safely and efficiently for decades to come.


Relationships that Count

LHB’s multidisciplinary team includes mechanical, electrical, civil, and structural engineers. But when a project requires additional specialization, we know who to contact. We leverage our connections with experienced collaborators from past projects—specialists in finite element analysis, for example, or computational fluid dynamics—to ensure the details get done right.

3D Design

Our 3D design capabilities help clients view and understand spaces and systems before construction starts.

Customized Standards

Our processes are tailored to ensure we meet client-specific standards for drawings and on-site performance requirements. 

Focused on Safety

We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest standards for safety, as evidenced by our on-site safety record.

Fast & Flexible

We are responsive and flexible, working closely with our clients to achieve project goals within desired time frames.  

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