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Climate Action
Planning & Research

Climate Solutions for the Built Environment

Unique among design firms, LHB includes a group of architects, engineers, and researchers dedicated to identifying and implementing climate solutions that are shaping the future of our built environment. We focus on projects that have a significant positive impact on carbon reduction, advancing emerging technologies, and ensuring climate justice for all.


Climate Planning

To assist communities and government agencies in developing pathways to achieve their climate goals, we analyze existing conditions and suggest near-term climate-mitigation actions and long-term adaptation strategies. We help clients prioritize their efforts on the most impactful climate solutions and bring impacted communities into the conversation through outreach and facilitated engagement.


GHG Inventories

When local governments or organizations adopt greenhouse-gas emissions reduction goals, LHB can help by calculating emissions data and analyzing trends. We quantify how factors such as weather, population growth, energy source changes, and local programs contribute to changes in emissions, and we highlight areas to target for future action.


Advancing Sustainable Development

We engage with community partners, local governments, and state agencies to inform policies, guidelines, and programs that promote sustainability in the built environment. Our team provides technical guidance, develops training, and crafts graphic-rich reports and webinars.


Emerging Technologies

Our Climate Solutions group conducts research on emerging technologies—from phase change materials to intelligent building controls—to investigate their potential for saving energy and reducing GHG emissions. Using an evidence-based approach, our design teams incorporate such technologies into built projects—giving clients a clear-eyed view of their savings potential and performance capabilities.

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