Electrical station at night

Electrical Engineering

Experience & Skill

LHB’s team of electrical engineers has produced designs for a wide range of projects, from parks and roadway lighting to pipeline and paper-mill power and controls. Our past electrical-engineering clients include utilities, colleges and universities, commercial and residential developers, nonprofits, manufacturers, military branches, and state and local governments, just to name a few.


Success Begins with Trust

We build close relationships with clients, immersing ourselves in their culture and challenges so we can deliver designs that solve today’s problems and anticipate future needs. We believe every client deserves the highest level of professionalism, responsiveness, and respect that we can offer. Our goal is to design solutions that win your trust.


Fiscally Minded Solutions

Smart electrical solutions should anticipate fluctuations in energy costs and advances in technology — so you don’t invest too little or too much in your project. We offer clients options so they can make choices that fit today’s budget and tomorrow’s needs.


  • Medium Voltage & Lower Voltage Power Distribution Systems  
  • Emergency & Standby Power Generation Systems 
  • Alternative Energy Production Systems 
  • Motor Control Systems 
  • Exterior Lighting Design 
  • Exterior Lightning Analysis & Evaluation 
  • Interior Lighting Design 
  • Distributed Communications Systems 
  • Electronic Safety & Security Systems
  • Inspections 
  • Power Systems Modeling  
  • Lighting Studies 
  • Distribution Power Line Design 
  • Substation Interconnection Design 
  • Electrical Switchgear Building Layout 
  • Voltage Drop Calculations 
  • Ground Grid Analysis 
  • Procurement Support

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