Scholarship Support

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Clarence Wigington Architectural Scholarship 

LHB is a ongoing contributor to the Minnesota Architectural Foundation’s Wigington scholarship, which supports students pursuing a professional education in architecture at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and Dunwoody College. The scholarship, which honors the first licensed Black architect in Minnesota, is given to underrepresented students.


Roberta Dwyer Civil Engineering Scholarship

In 2020, LHB seeded an endowment for students at University of Minnesota Duluth in honor of pioneering civil engineer Roberta Dwyer. Roberta was one of the first female engineers hired by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, where she worked for nearly four decades. She oversaw some of the most complex projects in MnDOT’s District 1 Duluth office and worked on such large-scale projects as the final extension of Interstate 35 through Duluth and the U.S. Highway 53 bridge relocation in Virginia.

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LHB Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Scholarships

Established in the spring of 2022, these scholarships support students in mechanical and electrical engineering at the University of Minnesota Duluth. When possible, preference is given to students who will enhance the diversity of the student body as described by the university.

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LHB Architecture and Landscape Architecture Endowed Scholarships 

Two endowed scholarships were established in 2022 to support North Dakota State University students in architecture, landscape architecture, and regenerative design. Preference is given to students demonstrating skills in collaborative relationships in research-based, regenerative design that enhances human and ecological wellness, as well as students from underrepresented backgrounds as defined by the university, and women.


LHB Scholarship in Landscape Architecture

In 2023, LHB established an endowed scholarship to support University of Minnesota Twin Cities landscape architecture students who come from underrepresented racial and ethnic populations. Establishing this scholarship is one way LHB is working to expand diversity and create paths to leadership within the field of landscape architecture.

“What excites me the most about engineering is the opportunity to use my creative abilities and problem-solving skills every day.
I’m very honored to have been selected for this scholarship and grateful to the donors who made the award possible.”

Bella Larson, current LHB employee and former UMD student
and Robert Dwyer Civil Engineering Scholarship recipient