Our People

Smiling woman
Jennifer Allen Structural Engineering Manager
Mark Anderson Chief Administrative Officer He/Him/His
portrait of man in black suit coat and blue shirt, Adam Besse
Adam Besse Senior Civil Engineer
portrait of man in black jacket
Kim Bretheim Senior Architect
portrait of a woman, Heidi Bringman
Heidi Bringman Senior Landscape Architect
Rick Carter Chief Executive Officer He/Him/His
portrait of woman in orange sweater
Terri Cermak Senior Architect, Housing Specialist
portrait of Maureen Colburn
Maureen Colburn Climate Solutions Studio Leader
portrait of a man, Bruce Cornwall
Bruce Cornwall Architectural Focus Leader
Portrait of a woman, Stacee Demmer
Stacee Demmer Principal, Commercial Studio Leader
Jean Farmakes General Counsel
Michael Fischer VP, Integrative Design Team
portrait of woman with maroon jacket
Alethia Fowler Marketing Director She/Her
portrait of a man, Mike French
Mike French Senior Project Manager
Kevin Holm Architectural Principal - Education
portrait of a woman in a black jacket
Lisa Karlgaard Senior Structural Engineer
portrait of a man, Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly Government Studio Leader
portrait of man in plaid black and white shirt
David Langmo Senior Electrical Engineer
portrait of a man in a green and blue plaid shirt
David Lichtenberg Electrical Engineering Manager - Pipeline/Industrial
portrait of man in blue jacket and white shirt
Robert Lisi Civil Engineering Manager - Pipeline/Industrial
Joe Litman Chief Operating Officer
portrait of a man in a grey shirt and tie
Michael Madden Housing Studio Lead
portrait of a woman, Lydia Major
Lydia Major Landscape Architecture & Planning Studio Leader
portrait of man, Daniel Maldonado
Daniel Maldonado Healthcare Studio Leader
Jason Mangan VP, Pipeline/Industrial He, him, his

We value great work and good people


Work that Matters

LHB gives talented professionals in architecture, engineering, and planning a chance to do their best work. We encourage innovation and ambition, and our multifaceted portfolio is deep and diverse–offering staff a chance to explore nearly every aspect of the design profession. From bridges and buildings to highways and pipelines, our projects allow designers to explore, experiment, and excel.


Driven by Curiosity

Finding the right solution to a problem begins with asking the right questions. We value curiosity and ingenuity. We have enough experience in design to know that the best answers are rarely the easy ones. The LHB team is humble, dedicated, creative, and always looking for better answers–fresh ideas and approaches that can serve clients, improve experiences, and maybe even change the world.