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Interior Design

Design that puts people first

Interior design at LHB is a human-centered activity. We start every project by asking clients who they are, what they aspire to do, and how they hope to function and feel within a space. From clinic remodels to tenant improvements to affordable housing units, we delve deep into how people move and interact within a building. From finishes to furniture, windows to wayfinding, our team seeks to understand how details shape people’s experience. Good interior design should always be attractive, of course, but a truly remarkable design enhances the well-being of workers, visitors, patients, students, and other users.


Depth of Experience

The LHB team weaves sustainability, adaptability, and flexibility into every space, boosting productivity and extending the life of our clients’ investments. Project after project, our diverse experience and sustainable design solutions benefit our clients. 
• Programming 
• Space Planning 
• Detailing
• Construction Administration 
• Green Building Certifications


Occupant Wellness

From daylighting to sightlines, sound mitigation to air-quality, interior-design details have a significant impact on building occupants. Our LHB team is steeped in research and ideas that link design and health. Decisions large and small can affect physical and mental well-being, we help clients sort through the options and make informed choices.


Successful Spaces

Interior design goes well beyond aesthetics. LHB’s team helps clients consider how successful design can boost branding in retail, create a sense of welcome on a college campus, or promote calm and quiet for patients in a healthcare setting. Your environment sends a message about your organization. We can help you create spaces that represent your culture. Facility function, maintenance and operations are an important part of creating a long-lasting design solution. These elements are an integral part of our design goals.

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