Our Commitment
to Gender Equity

We believe that a diverse spectrum of experience enhances our designs, resulting in more creative solutions that benefit our clients and communities. Removing gender discrimination and bias from the workplace is not only a good thing to do, it also makes good business sense. Promoting gender equity allows LHB to:  

LHB strives to provide equitable opportunities to individuals so that they can thrive in their environment and careers. As designers, we know that gathering diverse perspectives is a critical step in evolving innovative solutions that serve and benefit all people.  As we work to increase gender diversity in the design industry (by funding scholarships for women and underrepresented communities, for example), we are also taking action in our own company. We have reviewed and continue to update our internal policies and procedures to remove references to gender and to add transparency, including using internal postings for promotions. Equity topics are included in internal quarterly newsletters and staff meetings to build a culture of awareness and keep equity front of mind. Finally, LHB is working to provide gender equity training for all staff, beginning with leadership and supervisors and expanding to all levels of the organization.   

Gender isn’t the only equity issue we need to address at LHB and within our industry, but we believe starting here will give us language and tools helpful in undertaking other forms of inequity, bias, discrimination, and stereotyping that prevent people from being their best selves at work. ∎