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Pulp & Paper

Maximal Design Value, Minimal Downtime

Reliable, efficient designs are critical to large-process customers, particularly in the pulp and paper business. Our clients’ industrial campuses often contain infrastructure—­including electric, gas, water, and sewer—that rivals a mid-sized city in complexity and capability. Outages for capital improvements must be planned months in advance to maintain uptime, and unplanned maintenance and repairs require intelligent, flexible, and often urgent solutions. Above all, collaboration between owner, designer, and builder is essential for getting pulp and paper projects up and running on budget and on time.


Outage support

LHB has years of experience supporting outage planning and project execution at pulp and paper facilities, including sewer maintenance, major repairs to water and wastewater treatment operations, structural inspections, boiler and piping work, and electrical and controls systems. We know the commitment it takes to work through an outage and the importance of returning to service on time.


Utility Engineering

Water is the life blood of a mill, and wastewater is always a byproduct. We’re well-versed in rehabilitation of water treatment filtration, large diameter conveyance piping, pumping, wastewater treatment clarifiers, and sewer repairs. Need help with gas and power needs? Our bench is deep in engineering talent that can tackle those requirements too.


Optimal Building Design

Machines make money, goes the adage, while buildings are just expense. The structures that house your business can affect efficiency—and impact profits. Do your buildings serve employees? Meet safety standards? Could facility investments today reduce operational costs tomorrow? We’ve helped clients remodel old facilities, build new ones, and even demolish some to support process changes.


Most of LHB’s engineering staff has experience working in the pulp and paper industry. We understand your problems because we’ve lived them.


We believe the best solutions emerge from bringing owners, designers, and builders together. The result is outcomes that truly work.

Safe by Design

We take pride in our safety record and protocols. A commitment to safety is woven into our design process.


From mechanical and structural engineering to architecture and surveying, the range of services we can offer clients in-house often impresses them.

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