a red building with a sloped roof and a patio area


Designs that Solve Problems

Good design does more than solve an immediate problem. It anticipates future challenges, mitigates risks, and positions organizations to meet their dreams—even if the path to success isn’t yet visible. Our design team helps clients achieve their goals because we make every effort to see the world through their eyes. What do they wish to accomplish? How can they make the world a better place? And how can we help them?


Net-Positive Buildings

Sustainability has been a hallmark of LHB building designs for more than three decades, helping to improve ecological wellness and participating in work and research aimed at slowing climate change. In recent years, we have set our sights on something even more challenging: LHB strives to design buildings that have a net-positive impact, boosting both human and ecological wellness.


Inclusive Design

Today’s buildings serve a wide range of purposes and populations, with diverse needs and desires. At LHB, we view this as a welcome challenge: How can we create spaces that enhance equity, remove barriers, and foster a sense of inclusion? From gender-inclusive restrooms to dual-language signage, sensory comfort rooms to acoustically enhanced auditoriums, our designs aim to embrace all.


Community Impact

Every project, from an office building to a city park to a new school, has a community impact—and the design often determines the outcome. Working closely with our clients, LHB seeks to design structures that serve everyone in a community. We engage stakeholders to find out how spaces will be used and transformed. We let our clients tell us how they want their facilities to serve the greater community.

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