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Healthcare Design that Boosts the Quality of Care

Leaders in healthcare know firsthand how medical architecture and hospital engineering impact outcomes. From patient satisfaction to financial performance, the design and condition of your healthcare facilities affect results. Aging spaces can slow the introduction of technology and transformative changes, while adaptable buildings speed delivery of care, boost patient satisfaction, and bolster employee retention. Our clients recognize that smart design can help them succeed in all aspects of healthcare. LHB’s team of healthcare architects and engineers is here to guide you.


Versatility in Healthcare Design

We work across a range of healthcare settings, from small freestanding clinics to complex acute-care additions and renovations. Our team understands the design considerations that shape surgical suites, cath labs, emergency departments, and more. We immerse ourselves in the challenges of every project—aiming to grasp the complexities of patient care as thoroughly as our clients do.


Healthy Communication

We believe the best solutions in healthcare design emerge from team dialogue. To find the right approach, we actively engage not only our clients but also contractors and specialists to learn how medical facilities and hospitals can perform more effectively, efficiently, and economically. We seek to develop working relationships that are respectful, rewarding, and long-lasting.


Design That Helps Healing

Healing and wellness lie at the heart of healthcare, and the design and condition of your facility significantly impacts the ability of your staff to deliver these outcomes. Guided by our clients, LHB’s healthcare architects evolve design solutions that reduce stress, boost positivity, create calm, and communicate a sense of welcome. Staff, as well as patients, benefit from this attention to detail.

A Dedicated Team

The LHB team that starts your project will see it to completion. You can expect continuity and good communication from beginning to end.

Cost Conscious

Healthcare budgets are always tight. We work with clients to make every dollar stretch.


We believe the buildings we design should put patients first. We help caregivers deliver great results.

Remodeling Experience

Renovations of aging facilities often uncover surprises. We anticipate challenges in advance—and prepare for them.

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