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Land Development
& Planning

A Smoother Path to Land Development

Successful land development always starts with a plan. A workable plan needs to take into account community context, environmental conditions, and market forces. What’s the expected regulatory process? Are there environmental reviews? Remediation requirements? What agencies and offices must approve your plans? What’s more, public planners and private developers alike should have a solid understanding of market trends and community dynamics. Over the years, dozens of developers, economic development agencies, municipalities, and tribal governments have relied on LHB to help them navigate these questions and more. Whatever your needs or situation, our land development and planning team can assist with your project.


All Services Under One Roof

LHB’s broad array of services includes planning, civil engineering, environmental engineering, surveying, and more. This breadth of experience allows us to offer clients everything they need in a single partnership. We have all the skills you need, plus the knowledge and experience you want, on our team.


Connections That Count

Planning and development is complex. With multiple stakeholder and agencies involved, you need a partner who knows the ropes. LHB has worked on a wide range of planning and land-development projects across the Midwest, so we know who to contact when clients need information or assistance. We’ll get you through the process as effectively as possible—so you can focus on other outcomes.


Specialists In Community Engagement

Community buy-in is a key aspect of many planning and land-development projects. Our staff is skilled in building public awareness and support. With open houses, focus groups, online surveys, design presentations, social forums, and pop-up events, we help you tell your story and showcase the value of your project.

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