Bus Garage & Office

Improving Rural Transit

Tri-CAP, a nonprofit in central Minnesota that provides transportation and energy assistance to residents of Morrison County, selected LHB to design a new office/bus facility. Approximately 4,800 SF in size, the building, located in Little Falls, includes offices, a meeting room, a break room, rest rooms, and a mechanical room, as well as parking stalls for six buses. One stall is outfitted with bus-washing equipment. Exterior lighting, parking areas, landscaping, and sidewalks were also part of the project.

Project Type New construction
Location Little Falls, MN
Market Government

Budget & Schedule

Tri-CAP’s schedule and budget were both tight–and completing the project during the pandemic added an extra wrinkle. Careful communication by our design team and lots of collaboration with our client resulted in a project that met all requirements regarding cost and deadlines.

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