City of Chatfield

Chatfield Center for the Arts – Phase 1

Performing Arts Center

The Chatfield Center for the Arts facility is a two-phased project that showcases theater, dance, visual arts and more in southeastern Minnesota. Phase 1 centered on the renovation of a 1936 school auditorium into a modern theatrical production facility while preserving many distinctive elements of the historic structure. The theater rigging, draperies, stage, theatrical and house lighting, and sound system were replaced within the old theater shell. Additionally, all wood seats on the main floor were replaced to provide more comfortable and accessible seating. An orchestra pit was added, and stage access from the audience seating level was improved. Other aspects of the 19,000 SF project included: new mechanical and electrical systems, installation of an elevator, new toilet rooms, a green room, and dressing rooms, plus the replacement of all the exterior windows and restoration of degraded brick and stone.

The first phase of the project was funded by the State of Minnesota in 2014 and was designed to meet the B3 State of Minnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines and SB2030.

Project Type Renovation
Location Chatfield, MN
Completion Date June 2017

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