City of Chatfield

Chatfield Center for the Arts – Phase 2

Regional Arts Center

With funds provided by the Minnesota Legislature, the City of Chatfield, in southeastern Minnesota, transformed a former public school into a regional arts center. During the first phase of this two-part renovation, the structure’s 1936 auditorium was redesigned and equipped to become a modern theatrical production facility. Phase 2 focused on overhauling the historic 1916 school building. The primary focus centered on returning the original assembly hall to its former configuration by removing partitions, repairing plaster, renovating historic wood trim, and discreetly updating the electrical and mechanical systems to accommodate modern audiences for dance and music performances, speakers, and community events. Additional renovation transformed classrooms into galleries,  offices, and art studios. New restrooms were also added, and windows were replaced. Critical to the success of the center was the creation of a two-story glass link to provide a large lobby for the multitude of art’s programming at both the auditorium and the arts center.

Project Type Renovation and Infill
Location Chatfield, MN
Completion Date June 2022

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