Hutchinson Public Schools

Park Elementary School Revitalization

A Modern Transformation with Historic Charm

LHB collaborated with Hutchinson Public Schools to revitalize Park Elementary School, a historic structure facing challenges from multiple additions. The removal of the 1956 addition reduced the building’s size, optimizing it for fourth- and fifth-grade classes while creating space for a parking lot extension. Grade-specific floors were introduced, along with innovative learning areas and flexible classroom layouts. Renovations emphasized natural light, spaciousness, and modern amenities like specialized classrooms for music, STREAM, and art. A prominent stair tower with glass walls was added for connectivity and aesthetics. Original features like terrazzo flooring were preserved while modern systems were integrated to enhance efficiency and comfort. Construction, spanning from January to December 2022, accommodated ongoing school operations across two academic years. This project signifies a harmonious blend of historic preservation and contemporary educational needs.

Project Type K-12 Education
Location Hutchinson, MN
Completion Date December 2022
Size 95,500 square feet

Adaptable Spaces

Open flex areas offer versatile environments that cater to collaborative activities, fostering dynamic engagement among students and educators alike. These flexible areas not only facilitate academic collaboration but also nurture social connections and peer interactions, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive school culture.


Crafting Curiosity

Custom-designed classrooms cater to specialized subjects like Music, STREAM, and Art. For instance, this Science lab emphasizes hands-on experiments with a technology-centric approach. Here, students engage their senses and utilize tools to observe, record, and analyze data about the natural world.


Brighter, Spacious, Smarter Classrooms

Classrooms were expanded, featuring instructional monitors for optimal student viewing, meeting, or surpassing industry standards. Additionally, new windows were installed to enhance natural lighting, creating a more spacious environment.

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