Minneapolis College

Academic Success Center

Helping Students Succeed

The campus master facilities plan, completed by LHB in 2016, identified increasing access to student services as one of the top priorities for Minneapolis College. As a result, LHB was hired to provide design services for an Academic Success Center. The initial concepts revolved around creating an enriched and welcoming environment geared towards providing academic support for students, with special focus placed on first-year students, first-generation students, students with unique language, economic, and cultural challenges, and students in need of specific support to ensure laddering to 4-year institutions.

As the 21,000 SF project developed, discussions with leadership focused on specific concepts of service delivery, special proximity between functions, and the need for dedicated spaces that could provide opportunities for students from all academic backgrounds and experiences. Thus, LHB concentrated on creating a non-intimidating, vibrant environment that encouraged students to use the space for a variety of studying activities, including collaborative groups, individual work, formal tutoring, and socialization.

Project Type Interior Renovation
Location Minneapolis, MN
Completion Date July 2018

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