Marshfield Clinic Health System

Marshfield Campus Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Updates

In 2018, Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) purchased St. Joseph’s Hospital, adjacent its flagship clinic in central Wisconsin. Built between 1954 and 2002, St. Joseph’s contained nearly 1 million square feet of usable space, but little of it had been updated since it was originally built. Plans for a redesign were substantially completed, but due to several factors, the implementation cost was estimated at nearly $1 billion – far beyond the $400 million originally anticipated.

Having completed nearly 100 projects for MCHS over the previous seven years, LHB had become incredibly knowledgeable about MCHS’s facilities. At the request of MCHS leadership, the Healthcare Studio conducted a charette engaging key stakeholders with the goal of developing scaled-back master plan options that would meet the campus’s long-term needs but be more economical to implement.

Project Type Planning
Location Marshfield, WI
Completion Date October 2022
Market Healthcare
Service Architecture

Plan Development

During the charette, five options were selected for high-level cost-estimating and review. In subsequent meetings, one option was just a single vote shy of unanimous selection for further development and presentation to the MCHS board. From this effort, LHB has demonstrated its value to MCHS and will continue to work with the stakeholders to develop projects for implementation.

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