Marshfield Clinic Health System

East Wing Radiation Oncology Center

Serving cancer patients

With the increasing prevalence of cancer cases in the country, Marshfield Clinic has been working to create regional cancer treatment locations, to ease the burden of travel on the patient.

LHB was approached to coordinate the design of Marshfield Clinic’s radiation oncology treatment center. Partially located within the existing building’s footprint, existing column locations and property setbacks required creative solutions to the linear accelerator vault shielding and the department layout as a whole.

In addition to these creative solutions, LHB laid out the addition to provide daylight throughout the patient corridors and waiting areas. Where daylighting wasn’t feasible, lighted images in the ceiling provide moments of respite for the patients undergoing treatment.

Pleased by the results, at the end of construction, Marshfield Clinic retained LHB to create a centralized registration area that serves the entire floor, including the radiation oncology department.

Project Type Addition
Location Marshfield, WI
Completion Date July 2016
Market Healthcare

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