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Higher Education

Learning From Our Clients

Learning can happen anywhere, but the right environment can play a crucial role in boosting student success. Leaders in higher education recognize this. They know that facilities affect how students feel about their classes and campus culture. They understand how the right design can communicate a sense of welcome to students and their families. They grasp how even small changes in building design can have a big impact on teaching, learning, and student retention. If you’re a leader in higher education, you also want buildings that are durable, flexible, easy to maintain, and constructed from sustainable materials. You want solutions that reduce operating costs. You know the value of heritage and rehabilitating old buildings but you also recognize that new construction can inspire and grow opportunities for staff and students. Our clients, from technical colleges to state universities, from commuter campuses to residential institutions, understand all these things and rely on LHB to help them address current challenges and plan for the future. We’ve learned a lot from our clients about higher education over the years. If you think our experience could benefit you, reach out.


Experience in Higher Education

Our portfolio includes projects large and small, from campus master plans and new residence halls, to roof replacements and utility work. We have a passion for sustainable design and strive to create designs that meet clients’ programming needs and budget limitations while also maximizing environmental benefits.


Acceleration & Preservation

Emerging technologies and innovative pedagogies are reshaping higher education daily. Our knowledge of trends in higher education allows us to guide you as you make decisions that will have impact for years to come. Just as important, we consider the heritage and culture of your institution, treading lightly when remodeling beloved buildings and spotlighting the roots of your organization in innovative ways whenever possible.


Open Communication

We pride ourselves on our client service and responsiveness. Sometimes you need answers or information right away to make decisions—or to persuade key administrators or donors. We anticipate such needs and communicate as fully as possible whenever clients reach out, so you can act swiftly and with confidence.

Broad Appeal

LHB’s design process starts with listening. We believe collecting ideas and comments from a wide range of stakeholders leads to better outcomes.

Diverse Pedagogies

Our work includes traditional classrooms, hands-on learning spaces, and technology-rich environments. We understand how design can accommodate different learning styles.

Creating Confidence

The look and layout of your facilities shouldn’t be intimidating. LHB knows how to make a student’s first steps on campus both warm and welcoming.

Gathering Ideas

LHB is a leader in sustainable design. We can help your campus reduce carbon emissions and transition to clean energy while lowering operating costs.

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