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Soot Blower Pipe Stress Analysis

Analyzing Pipe Stress in Industrial Operations

One of our industrial clients wanted to alter the operation of its recovery boiler soot blower system to reduce energy consumption and associated costs. The proposed changes would add a control valve to the steam system that powered the soot blowers, and the on-off cycling caused by the new control valve would significantly alter how the system was designed to operate. Within the existing system, fluctuations in temperature and pressure resulting from the valve installation could cause pipe stresses to exceed code-allowable stress values.

LHB was retained to conduct a detailed pipe stress analysis of the soot blower steam piping system. Utilizing CAESAR II pipe stress analysis software, LHB engineers modeled the proposed changes and evaluated the sustained and displacement stresses. Based on those results, LHB recommended modifications that would restrain the piping to keep stresses within allowable limits and designed additional pipe supports that would ensure safe operation of the entire system.

Project Type Pipe Stress Analysis
Location Cloquet, MN
Completion Date May 2018
Market Pulp & Paper

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