City of Shoreview

Shoreview Commons

Creating a place for community

The City of Shoreview’s Commons Park is a popular gathering place and the site of the city’s well-loved community center and Shorewood City Hall. After completing a renovation of the community center, city officials wanted to confirm the park’s master plan and develop a direction for implementation. LHB worked with the parks commission and city council to conduct a series of workshop-style meetings that resulted in strong support for an updated master plan and a clear approach to two phases of improvements.

The first phase was constructed in 2019 and included a fountain/skating pond, gardens, trails, skatepark, playground, and parking lot improvements. The second phase includes a destination playground and related amenities, such as a picnic shelter and seating areas. Shoreview Commons now offers 40 acres of recreational opportunities for an increasingly diverse community. Artfully integrated stormwater management and landscaping ensure that the park now has year-round functionality as a community and regional attraction.

Project Type Park Master Planning, Design, and Construction Administration
Location Shoreview, MN
Completion Date June 2022

Play spaces for all

LHB collaborated closely with a vendor to further develop the playground and create unique spaces and play opportunities for all ages and abilities. The playground design is united around a theme of trees by water that is expressed in the equipment and the surfacing. Plantings, stormwater, seating, and gathering spaces are interwoven with the play spaces, creating a rich space that it is as comfortable and inviting as it is fun.


Community Engagement

For community engagement, LHB designed an interactive site on Social Pinpoint that allowed community members to see different concepts, key points, and precedents images and make comments. The synthesis of this input and feedback from the parks commission and city council directed the final concept.

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