City of Duluth

Fairmont Bridge Replacement

70-Year-Old Bridge Replaced

Located on the dead-end Fairmont Street in Duluth’s Glen Avon neighborhood, old bridge L8516 had been in place for more than 70 years conveying Tischer Creek below Fairmont Street just downstream of Hartley Field. The 65-foot-long bridge was in poor condition due to corrosion and previous flood damage, and its load-posted status threatened the delivery of some basic services to residents.

Project Type Bridge Replacement
Location Duluth, MN
Completion Date October 2020

Utility Construction

The City of Duluth turned to LHB to design a replacement solution that could achieve the project goals of providing a safe, structurally sound crossing while accommodating the myriad below ground utilities and still provide residents access to their homes during construction.


Temporary bypass road

To maintain residential access during construction, a temporary bypass was constructed prior to demolition of the old bridge and maintained in place until the opening of the new bridge to the public in the fall of 2020.


Setting One of the Beams

After considering several options, LHB settled on a 65-foot, single-span, prestressed beam bridge which greatly improved hydraulic capacity, reduced stream velocity, restored natural stream characteristics, and provided a sate and reliable public stream crossing with a 26-foot clear width.

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