Marshfield Clinic Health System

Central Sterile Relocation

Strategic Replacement

Faced with failing equipment and aging infrastructure, the existing Marshfield Hospital Central Sterile department was in need of significant upgrades. MCHS approached LHB to identify options for upgrading the department.  Through these planning efforts, three locations were identified, including an in-place renovation.  Reviewing the variables with the Owner, the decision was made to relocate the department to another area of the building, allowing the existing department to remain in operation until the new one was complete.

By reinforcing the existing building structure in the area, the new location was able to maintain the department’s connection to the Surgical department via material lifts. The new location also provided an opportunity to replace failing building infrastructure. Despite the amount of new infrastructure and low existing floor-to-floor heights, through careful planning and coordination, LHB achieved strategic placement of higher ceilings in the primary staff work areas.

Finally, the efficient layout will allow for future Central Sterile department expansion that is anticipated to meet the needs of the hospital for the life of the building.

Project Type Interior Renovation
Location Marshfield, WI
Completion Date August 2020
Size 11,900 square feet
Market Healthcare

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