MOO MASKS – Support Amidst a Pandemic

white cows with text "Moo Mask" over them

In response to the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) created by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris Wegscheid, an architect in LHB’s Housing Studio, got inventive. He began working on a design for a face mask made from the “guts” of a MERV 11 furnace filter. Chris wanted to create a mask that could be made from readily available materials and did not require any special skills or tools to assemble.

Final Design of the MOO MASK

Designing the Mask
After a few evenings of tinkering, Chris came up with the MOO MASK. “It’s a silly name, but I think it looks a little like a cow’s nose” said Chris. After working out the design kinks, Chris put together an instructional video. The video walks you through the process, step-by-step, to produce approximately 40 masks from one MERV 11 furnace filter.

Supplies Required to Make MOO MASKS
The mask is made from the filter fabric out of a furnace filter, a few staples, a couple of rubber bands, a small piece of wire, and a bit of duct tape. The tools are likely things you already have around: a utility knife, a straightedge, a marker, a wire cutter, and a stapler.

Chris Wegscheid modeling a MOO MASK.

LHB’s Management Team caught wind of Chris’ creation and jumped into action to distribute kits for any staff willing to assemble and deliver completed masks to local hospitals, nursing homes, and fire stations. Overall, there were 1,000+ masks generated through this effort! Way to go Team!

Joe Litman, LHB COO, packing MOO MASK materials to ship to staff volunteers.
Shout out to all LHB volunteers for taking time to assemble masks!

To learn more about the MOO MASK Chris created a website, Feel free to share this link!

DISCLAIMER: MOO MASK has not been tested or certified to be safe or effective for disease prevention.  MOO MASK is not medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment. Use at your own risk. Please visit for additional information.

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