PSG Spotlight: Rick Carter, Senior Vice President

exterior of building with people walking along the sidewalk
portrait of Rick Carter
Rick Carter Chairman of the Board

Time with LHB:
35 years (minus four years in Washington DC)

What’s your favorite LHB project you’ve worked on?  The Phillips Eco Enterprise Center (now The Greenway Building).  Minnesota’s first LEED Pilot project and the most energy efficient building in Minnesota today that we know of (EUI of about 25).  Second favorite:  Wirth Timing Shed.  The only LHB project that moves.

Rick Carter, skiing
Rick Carter in front of the Wirth Timing Shed

Why do performance services matter?
Because the US still consumes 20% of the world’s energy with 5% of the population and almost half of that energy is consumed in the buildings we design.

If you weren’t an architect/Integrative Design Team leader, what would you be doing?
I would be a race director.

Quick Bio:
The most important things in my life are my wife Jeanne and my sons, Christian (Salesforce MVP at Bigger Boat) and Eric (athlete and PHD candidate at UBC).  I love my job and the people I work with.  Having begun a focus on high performance design over 25 years ago, I consider LHB the leader in this area of the Midwest.  I have some amazing friends that I play soccer with every week.  When I am alone, my favorite things to do are canoe, ski, and bike.

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